Cedars Studio Collaborations

Cedars book with dog and hourse playing chess


From "Betsy and Mickey, Best Friends Forever"
by Lucy Sokoloff

Cedars artist tag book with maps and images from around the world


by Mariana Abballo

Cedars artist book with colorful butterflies


"Cindy's Life" by Cindy Johnson

Cedars artist book with colorful tissue collage


"Colorful People"
by Christine Schott

Cedars artist book with dog created from colorful tissue


From "Buddy and His Friends"
by Gabriela DeJohn

These images show just a few of the beautiful books made by artists in my studio/classroom at the Cedars Fine Art Studios in Marin County, California, a program supporting adults with developmental disabilities. I was an art facilitator with Cedars for four years, during which time artists created over 50 books. 

My level of involvement in the books was different for every student. While I often conceptualized and sometimes created a book's physical structure, the art (and story, if there was one) was entirely that of my students. 

For more information about Cedars art, visit  Cedars and the Artist Within Gallery in San Anselmo, CA.